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    6 Stereotypes About Political Parties That Are Actually True

    Let's face it, Libertarians are overpaid men, people from the Green Party judge you from their ivory tower, Republicans are insensitive and lack creativity, and Democrats are too busy being artists to understand real problems. A new poll of roughly 400 Americans by 10 Best Design ( suggests all of these things and more are true*...

    1. A Democrat is ~41.71% more likely to be "An Artist" than a Republican

    10 Best Design / Via

    According to a report by 10 Best Design, of all political parties including independent and no affiliation, Republicans were the least likely to identify themselves as 'Artists.' Green & Democratic Party members were the most likely to be artists. We told you they would play into their own stereotypes...

    2. Libertarians & Republicans are most likely to earn over $100k per year

    10 Best Design / Via

    Responses to the design poll indicated that Libertarians are 35.79% more likely to earn $100k+ per year than those affiliated with all other parties and no party, combined. Republicans followed behind at 12.39% more likely. At the same time, Democrats where the most likely to earn over $200k, edging out Libertarians by a slim 0.41%.

    3. Democrats are also the most likely to have worked in web or digital design

    10 Best Design / Via

    Remember how Republicans are not very creative? Do they lack the sensitive side needed to be a designer too? Who knows, but they are nearly 20% less likely to find themselves in a design profession than the average person.

    4. Green Party members are the most likely to have a graduate / post graduate degree

    10 Best Design / Via

    Those who identified themselves as members of the Green Party were most likely to have reached a post graduate degree. Libertarians were in last place in this category, but the Porcupine Party was actually the most likely to have received their Bachelor's Degree. This ivory tower is confusing...

    5. Both Democrats and Republicans are the least likely to work out

    10 Best Design / Via

    Because fat cats and lazy hippies don't do manual activities. Duh...

    6. Libertarians Don't Trust Anybody But Themselves: More likely to have the 'start-up spirit'

    10 Best Design / Via

    Libertarians want to run their own show and are the most likely to have an entrepreneurial spirit by a long-shot. More than half of those surveyed indicated that they would like to start a business, whereas the average of all others hovered around just 33.22%.