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15 Most Heartwarming Moments From Humans Of New York

Humans of New York is a photo blog run by photographer Brandon Stanton. Stanton spends his days asking New Yorkers ordinary questions, and he often gets extraordinary answers.

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1. "We met before the Internet..."

Humans of New York / Via

"We met before the internet. So I did it the old fashioned way."

"What’s that?"

"I put a classified ad in New York Magazine."

"What’d it say?"

"Harvard lawyer, runner, and tennis player looking for woman who is beautiful inside and out. And I got it! It was both of our second marriages, but we’ve been together 28 years."


5. A Thoughtful Gesture

Humans of New York / Via

"Whenever I did a show in the park, Doris would come over and watch for a bit. Then one day, she came up to me, and without having ever spoken to me, handed me a clipping of an article that she’d found about me in The Villager. I thought that was the nicest thing. So I took a photo with her, printed it out, and gave it to her the next day. Then the NEXT day, she brings me ANOTHER set of articles about marionettes. At this point, I’d really started to fall for her. So I thought: ‘Doris keeps one-upping me. So I’ve got to do something really, really nice for her.’”


8. Giving His Son a Fighting Chance

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"I’m trying to keep him away from all the negativity so that he has a fighting chance. There are so many cracks to fall through. But I already got his older brother to college."

11. Living Life to the Fullest

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"Five years ago I got hit by a jeep on my bike. I woke up in the hospital, my face was messed up, I was on lots of morphine, and my family had all gone home because they’d been told I wouldn’t wake up that night. I was really scared. The next few weeks, while I was healing, I told myself that if I ever got better, I’d never live a mediocre life."

"And what are you doing now?"

"I got a BS in Mechanical Engineering and now I’m getting a PhD in Biomedical Science."

"What are you going to do with it?"

"I’m going to save humankind, of course."


12. Unlikely Friends

Humans of New York / Via

Six years ago I got a job in New York, and I needed a roommate, so I found Nate on Craigslist. We lived together for three years and became very good friends. I live in Toronto now, but I come back every couple of weeks to visit with him.

15. Coming to America

Humans of New York / Via

"All the women in Pakistan are very covered up. I came to America for the first time on September 4th, so it was still very warm outside. I stepped into the terminal at JFK, took a look around, and said: ‘Oh. My. God.’"