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    10 Times We Took "Just Doing Me" Way Too Far

    You do you boo boo! You do you.

    1. When she tried that new, trendy diet


    I dare you to try it.

    2. That time you decided to cut your own hair

    but it turned out something more like this...



    3. That time Dan Humphrey revealed himself as Gossip Girl

    GQ / Via

    After 6 seasons of absolute anguish and suspense, banished Brooklynite Daniel Humphrey finally came forward as the source of drama and social turmoil on the Upper East Side for the past 5 years.

    4. When your girlfriend shrugged off shaving for 4 weeks


    5. When this possum broke into a bakery and ate all the pastries...



    6. When you YOLO'd out and went to the cooler, more expensive college...


    ...rather than the one that gave you more financial aid

    and ended up in crippling debt

    7. That time you dropped out of high school to become a rapper

    8. When she Target


    9. When Miley killed Hanna Montana

    10. The time you got that awesome tattoo


    Tell 'em how you really feel!

    But no matter what happens, keep doing you

    because no one can do you like you can do you.

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