18 Reasons Why Austin Lord Is The Coolest Kid Around

As if we need a Buzzfeed article to prove it…

1. His shadow looks like Jesus

May The Lord be with you

2. He’s basically a model

It just comes natural to him…

3. Like I said… #modelstatus

Too cool for school

4. He’s a kick-butt soccer player

Look at those moves

5. And he also just started playing football, but of course he’s great at that too

6. He is the definition of swag

The true swaggie

7. He’s an award-winning artist

I heard they named a Ninja Turtle after him

8. He is a generous soul to the weak and weary

9. He is super stylish

He’s so fancy. You already know…

10. And he can re-roof a house bare-handed

But of course he wears gloves because cool kids follow safety precautions

11. He can flip his own pancakes

Which, let’s be honest, is a lot harder than it looks…

12. He put the hip in hipster WAY before it was cool

Ugly sweaters 4 lyfe

13. He has the coolest hairdos

Work that up-do!

14. He was the cutest little kid ever

The Gerber baby had nothing on those cheeks

15. He goes cool places all the time

16. And he rides jet skies like nobodies business

and we’re back to the #modelstatus

17. He meets all kinds of famous people

Are you jealous of his life yet?

18. And above all, he’s the best brother in the world

Seriously, my brother is SO much better than yours.


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