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Which Member Of The Mansion Are You?

Which Speakeasy mansion gal are you?

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  1. What are you ordering at the bar?

    Trashcan for myself and anyone else I've ever met
    Whatever the bartender I'm flirting with is making ;)
    Eh, I'm okay for now
    Vodka soda. And a water.
    Bloody mary
    tequila, fucking duh
    Smirnoff Ice
    Cabernet, please
  2. What text did you receive at 2am?

    Did you pee the bed last night?
    Are you alive?
    I know it's late but are you still here?
    Did your uptown bucks work at Brunos?
    Hey, it's _____. Loved meeting you on the dance floor tonight :)
    Hey did you finish my homework before you went out?
    Idk, I've been asleep since 12
    Sorry for breaking into Speak again
    Could you please stop calling me? I have work in the morning.
  3. What's your relationship status?

    long distance co-parenting
    *shines flashlight on hookup to figure out where she shacked*
    Playing the field
    married to Greek Life
    dating my best friend's brother
    3 years later, the curtains definitely match the drapes
    Dating my personal assistant
    dating a drug dealer, but who isn't these days?
    Dipping my pen in company ink
  4. What's your favorite bar?

    O-Pub I met the nicest townie there last Wednesday!
    Pachinkos I peaked there freshman year
    headfirst down CJs' stairs
    Doesn't matter as long as I end up at Skyline
    wherever my people are
    Brick VIP do I look like a peasant
    Brick.. you know which corner..
    Is The Lodge a bar?
    Still waking my boyfriend up at corner bar
  5. What's your drunk food?

    Left over pad thai
    I don't know, kale?
    Still looking for a boy so I don't drunk eat
    One large Will's pizza
    Dry cheerios
    3 coney's extra cheese
    crunch n munch blue chips
  6. Where do you see yourself in 4 years?

    Law school/med school/exploring
    President of Delta Zeta Nationals
    CEO, why would you even ask
    Still dipping my pen in company ink
    Opening a Skyline franchise in Chicago
    Not in Ohio bitchesss
    Still hotter than you
    Still trying to figure out this whole "coparenting" thing
    Trying to balance my kids homework with my own job
  7. Favorite fraternity?

    Phi Psi
    Phi Delt
    Sig Pi
    Sig Ep
    I don't want to be tied down to just one
    Theta Chi
    Anything with a sigma in it
  8. It's a Thursday night, what are you doing?

    Making out with a sig pi
    Hanging out with people I've never met in my whole life
    Ignoring texts from pikes
    Talking about how I got VIP that one time
    Making out with a freshman
    Flashing people on the brick dance floor
    Looking for my consistent makeout
    Sneaking out of brick before 12
    Snap DMing bae
  9. What was your high school superlative?

    Biggest Flirt
    Most likely to be famous
    Most likely to go on American Idol
    Best laugh
    Most likely to marry their high school sweetheart
    Most likely to be wearing uggs
    Most likely to spend their life savings
    Most popular
  10. Your mansion stereotype??

    Most likely to be eating in the shower
    Most strategic chip eater
    Never sleeps alone
    Always naked
    Hangover princess
    Kitchen police
    Most likely to never lift a finger
    Penthouse playmate
    Most likely to pee the bed

Which Member Of The Mansion Are You?

You got: Caraline Zack

Congrats, you have your shit together but still manage to blackout every time you go out. You're the sweetest of the bunch! Your the good girl who loves bad boys. We'll catch you on presidents list

Caraline Zack
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You got: Lizzie Pratt

You peaked in high school. You peaked freshman year. You're absolutely peaking right now. We'll catch you in 5 years and you'll be peaking then too. This may be the first mansion you've lived in, but it certainly won't be the last. You were born and alpha & don't forget it.

Lizzie Pratt
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You got: Nellie Nelsen

Congrats! You are not peasant! When you're not maxing out your parents' credit card, you're maxing out your uptown bucks at Brunos. Your Sunday scaries consist of dry heaving in the second floor bathroom and hating anyone who makes a noise. Now that your presidential duties are over we foresee many wild nights in your future.

Nellie Nelsen
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You got: Kylie Turoff

Congratulations! Miami will be graced with your presence for one more year. As the tamest of the bunch, your sole purpose of going out is so you can drunk eat. Catch me throwing up in the McDonald's parking lot

Kylie Turoff
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You got: Brooke Boyle

You're the token single friend. You're fun, you're hot, and you're also the weirdest member of the mansion. You've kept it under wraps for the last three years but can no longer hold it in.

Brooke Boyle
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You got: Rachel Duncan

Lucky you!! Your wildest dreams are about to come true -- graduation will mark your escape from the midwest but Ohio will never be the same. Your ultimate goal is to be a stay-at-home daughter and at this point it looks pretty promising. Cash me outside on a hike, how bout dat

Rachel Duncan
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You got: Erin Enright

Yay!! You appear the be the most innocent gal in the mansion... but looks can be deceiving. When you're not crashing random geed house parties you're probably leaning on people and close talking. So head to Brick, grab a trashcan and start accidentally flirting away.

Erin Enright
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You got: Kellie Trosin

As Skyline's most loyal customer, you will be greatly missed next year. You're without a doubt the biggest motherfucker of the friend group and never know when it's time to shut the fuck up. Catch me with hiding from cigs with my inhaler how bout dat

Kellie Trosin
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You got: Paige Martinski

Congratulations! Your sacred nectar is vino, and you're almost potty trained. As the friend group social chair, you're never one to turn down a party. We foresee waterproof sheets in your future.

Paige Martinski
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