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Destination Weddings That Will Give You FOMO

If your days are spent on travel blogs and you consider ‘wanderlust’ to be your life’s affliction, then a destination wedding is surely not a new idea for you. These shots will surely give you FOMO – just don’t forget to pack your passport in your carry-on!

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Whether it’s the beach that has your heart…

Instagram: @destweds / Via

…or you have a feeling you belong in the mountains…

Instagram: @visitcolorado / Via

...why not start the honeymoon early?

Instagram: @theknot / Via

Whether you’re all about the lavish lifestyle…

Instagram: @cocoonevents / Via

…or you prefer to keep it simple…

Instagram: @gaydestweds / Via

…a wedding getaway pairs romance and adventure for the perfect celebration!

Instagram: @kaieriphotography / Via

I mean, why bother picking out décor when the scenery speaks for itself?

Instagram: @mfeltphotography / Via

Or when you can wake up to this the morning after you tie the knot?

Instagram: @luxdestweds / Via

And get ready to take on the world as one!

Instagram: @bephotographyllc / Via

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