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The Try Guys Learned Stepping From A Black Fraternity And Crushed

"We in your DMs like..."

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Stepping is a proud tradition within Black Greek-letter organizations. The Try Guys teamed up with Alpha Phi Alpha at USC to learn some of the history and perform alongside the fraternity.

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After learning about step, the dudes had one week to learn a routine before putting on a live performance at a USC basketball game.

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Oh, and it was the regular season finale at an arena that holds thousands of fans. Nbd.

Ned was just a little bit overwhelmed.

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"This is all the things I'm bad at."

And even the beautiful and usually perfect Keith was f***ing it up left and right.

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Step requires discipline, coordination, and tons of practice. At least Zach had a fun time stomping loud.

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"And once you have... a group of people in unison doing it, that's something very powerful."

With the help of Alpha Phi Alpha, the dudes started to gel as a cohesive unit... even if Eugene still wondered if he looked super Asian doing it.

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After a week of practice, it was time for the performance. Did they pull it off, or fail horribly in front of thousands of people? Watch to find out :)

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What will we try next?

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