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We Got Drunk On Different Types Of Alcohol To Test Drinking Myths

This St. Patrick's Day, find out how different types of alcohol affect your partying and hangover.

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Hi, we're The Try Guys and on Friday nights after work, we like to go out drinking together. Like many of you, we have theories about how different types of alcohol affect your night. We wanted to put those theories to the test:

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Our experiment was simple. Over four nights, we'd only drink one type of alcohol each night: beer, wine, vodka, and tequila shots.


We'd drink at our own pace and see where the night took us, documenting it all on our cell phones.


Heinzerling said, "Quite frankly, we don't know what the underlying cause of the hangover is. I myself was surprised to find out that there's a fair number of automobile accidents that occur when they're suffering from a bad hangover."

"All alcohol is sedating. Red wine in susceptible people can cause a headache. People who suffer from chronic headaches like migraines are susceptible and the red wine triggers it," according to Heinzerling.


"The maximum amount of alcohol intake that's considered healthy is no more than five drinks in a 24-hour period for men," Heinzerling said, "and no more than four drinks in a 24-hour period for women."

So what did we learn? Heinzerling summed it up best: "The best way to avoid a hangover is (kind of obviously) not to drink as much."

"If you feel like you drank so much that you don't remember what happened or you've done things that you later regret, those are some of the warning signs that you could have a problem."