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These Two People Got Married For A Week And We All Hope They Actually Get Together

"Hooters brings everybody together."

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We decided to make Daysha and Eli marry each other for a week because we're evil (muahaha). The rules were simple: They had to live together, they each had to plan a date, and they had to love and cherish each other (duh). Here's the happy couple:

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Daysha explained that Eli was "trying to just contain it all because he doesn't want the world to know how much he loves me," which is just so ~classic hubby~ of him.

Then, they went to salsa class together and Eli described himself as "a drunk T. rex looking for a burrito," which is pretty accurate.

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He may not have found his burrito, but he did learn a valuable "marriage lesson": Sometimes you have to do something you don't want to do because it will make the other person happy.

And from there, it just turned into a game of one-upping each other with romantic gestures...which is ADORABLE. Daysha threw Eli a surprise picnic...complete with his fave: chicken wings.

In the end, they were both VERY ready to get their space back. But they learned that marriage is about communicating, sacrificing, and being with your "ride-or-die homie."

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