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    We Tried On The Most Perverted Men's Halloween Costumes

    Happy Hallowiener!

    The Try Guys are back to getting naked AF, and this time they're trying perverted Halloween costumes so you don't have to:

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    Apparently dudes love dicks and find them hilarious. So, of course a costume with a funny penis is desirable and common for men on Halloween.

    Eugene doesn't get it.

    But there are reasons dressing like this is funny, right?

    Anyway, time to get naked and try it out.

    First up: this pervy snake charmer costume:

    The guys weren't too impressed with their new snake penis.

    For a perverted Halloween costume, it was also kind of scary.

    Next: The Human Breathalyzer.

    Basically, the costume is telling people to blow you. The guys were more than skeptical.

    After some consideration, though, Keith decided he would, indeed, suck someone's dick if they wore this costume.

    It was now time to transform into elderly flashers.


    Forget the penis, Eugene was mostly offended that this costume only came in white.

    Ned was pretty sure that this costume could end a marriage.

    Keith knew it was awful, but was excited to see a montage of everyone trying to helicopter in it. Here ya go, Keith:

    Now, the real meat of it all:

    Bring on the dick jokes.


    What a time to be alive.

    Now just sit back and let it happen:

    To be fair to both sexes, the guys of course had to dress as a huge vagina:


    The guys felt kinda cute.

    But mostly they were SO EXCITED when they realized they were the clitoris!

    Again, they weren't satisfied with the number of holes available.

    You know how two magnets work?

    Overall, it was a really fun day. But you should probably take Eugene's advice on this one: