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    We Tried To Get Into "The League" And Failed Miserably

    "Hell yeah, I wanna be a power couple."

    A while back, we went to a mixer for The League, one of the most "selective" dating apps. This time, we figured we'd see if we had what it takes to get a spot on its exclusive app:

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    Meet Daysha, Zach, Jen, and Nick...all single AF.

    Not knowing much about the app, most had the same first impression:

    So, what is The League? Founder and CEO Amanda Bradford explained it as "a community for high-achieving singles." But with that comes high selectivity.

    The League seeks to creates the power couples of tomorrow. So, if you don't have a LinkedIn like Zach, you're fucked.

    Using tips from Bradford, our squad sought to maximize their profiles and take a stab at joining The League.

    1. Take professional photos that show off different sides of your personality. On The League, professional headshots get over 90% more likes for men!

    Lookin' good!

    2. For fellas, photos with dogs get 29% more likes...

    ...but get 19% fewer likes for women.

    3. Fellas, profiles with a fun costume photo get 18% more likes than others.

    4. The more LinkedIn and Facebook connections you have, the better. Remember, it's an "elite" dating app.

    5. Make sure to start your own nonprofit, too. If you can’t, just call a random one and try to claim it as yours, like Jen did.

    6. Finally, you wait to see if that hard work paid off.

    It looks like Daysha had too many animal pictures, making it look like she had no friends.

    Jen also got a “no” because she forgot to fill in her “about me” section.

    And, sadly Zach’s hopes and dreams were completely dashed. He got shot down for being…an average-height Jewish man.

    But wait, we have an accepted applicant!

    Everyone else was completely fine with not being accepted, cause the single life is just too damn good when you're young.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Nick for a comment since filming and unfortunately, he's still single AF.