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21 Signs That You Are "Single As A Pringle"

With Valentine's Day approaching, many of us are realizing we are still, in fact single. Do any of these describe you this year?

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1. Trips to public places just aren't the same

emsuzz / Via

2. Your cat will be the closest thing you will have to a Valentine's date this year.

funnynhilariousgif / Via

3. And you've spent more than enough of your income on said cat.

spicymelons / Via

4. You dread the question "do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend yet?"

kevinm7205 / Via

5. Valentine's Day is just not something to bring up around you.

ayo778 / Via

6. But your friends do anyway; and they talk about their dates.

7. But they encourage you by saying "this will be the year when you find someone."

oops-i-forgot-to-laugh / Via

8. You second guess possible significant others

i-lati-positivi / Via

9. You start to wonder if maybe you're being too picky.

someecards / Via

10. Or maybe you're overconfident?

great-gif / Via

11. You get to the point where you just don't even know

himymgif-s / Via

12. Then, you REALLY begin to contemplate why you're single

dr-handface / Via

13. And to make things worse, your friends try to plan your future for you.

donoteattheyellowsnow / Via

14. Your love language involves pizza, not people.

15. You want to be happy for your friends who are in relationships, but then you remember that you are alone.

nevermindtheb0ll0cks / Via

16. While many post pictures of their boyfriend/girlfriend, you post song lyrics that describe your loneliness.

Socially Awkward Penguin / Via

17. The amount of Velveeta Cheese you eat is never-ending.

shmoo06 / Via

18. At least once a week you have a mental breakdown (realization) when you recall that you are still single.

Kristen O'Gorman Klein / Via

19. Maybe you are really losing your mind...

Websta / Via

20. Even your friends may agree that you're going crazy.

bunchofbloom / Via

21. But despite the naysayers, deep down you know it will be okay.

mylifeisloved / Via

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