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    • zacharyp2

      All musicians steal from each other (whether they realize it or not), because the music they create is informed by what they listened to. It’satime-honored tradition; and as long as it isn’t an entire song that’s exactly the same, it’s fair game. There are only so many chords which formafinite amount of progressions—there’s bound to be some overlap. Also, “You Never Give Me Your Money“‘s melody is note-for-note the same as the overture from the opera Raymond and Agnes, composed by Edwad Loder. In fact, George Martin (the producer behind The Beatles’ most iconic work, known as “The Fifth Beatle”) was well-known for his ability to lift and adapt musical motifs. Creativity is completely necessary to adaptapiece of music intoadifferent context. Only the really nasty musicians (like Cat Stevens—read up on that incident,Imean, OH BOY) sue others.

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