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    These five independent artist each have they're own unique sound combining music genres like blues, southern rock, and classic country to produce heartfelt and soulful music. Musicians like these can be found all over Texas but the chances of seeing them anywhere in the mainstream media are slim to none. When you think all hope is lost for fervent country music turn your ear to these artist and you might change your mind.

    Turnpike Troubadours

    95.9 The Ranch / Via

    Turnpike Troubadors is no doubt a fan favorite, but with their videos on youtube only reaching 100,000-200,000 views they are virtually still undiscovered. Among being a fan favorite they have what I believe is one of the most unique images with a sound to match. They combine various genres of music ranging from bluegrass and folk to southern rock. The new album Down Here was produced in a chicken coop turned into a makeshift recording studio located in northern California. The result is an independent album both produced and written by this extremely talented group.

    Authors special mention's:

    * Feel Good track: Down Here

    * Home Sick: Long Drive Home

    * Heartache: Wrecked

    Jason Eady

    Red 11 Music / Via

    After making his way to the country music capitol of the world in Nashville it was not long after Eady found that his unique sound of twangy heartbreak country was not fully appreciated in the corporate country world. Eady left Nashville to do one of the most selfless acts any true American can do and joined the Air force. That is where he became an ASA translator and that is what Eady believed to be the biggest influence in the style music he produces today. Eady's most recent album Daylight & Dark is no doubt a story of all the unfathomable and grimy details of love and life

    Author's special mention:

    * Heartache: Wishful Drinking

    * Upbeat: Man on a Mountain

    Cody Jinks

    Dallas Observer / Via

    Cody Jinks has one of the most devoted fan base's in the Texas country game today. In an interview with a Texas country radio station 95.9 the ranch Jinks said quote "Keep that which is plastic, and the posers that compose for money. Give us your listeners, your dreamers, your huddled drunken masses longing to break free of the fences on our radio. Send these: the hippies and the cowboys, and we'll flick our bics through those swinging doors." If you think the words of Jinks are a deep description of the mainstream country scene wait till you listen to the album Adobe Sessions which is no doubt a tip of the hat to classic country enthusiasts everywhere.

    Zane Williams

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    Although Zane WIlliams spent nine years in Nashville writing songs for artist such as Jason Michael Carol, he has since made his way back to the Texas country music scene. Where he is paving his way to a respectable country career. His album titled Texas Like That released April of this year is gaining publicity among country enthusiasts from all over. WIlliams does a video every Tuesday on his Facebook page called Tuesday Tune, where he takes 10 random words submitted by fans on the page and collabirates a song. The tuesday tune is no doubt a creative way for William's to flex his creative song writing skills and the result is a geinuinly well wrote catchy Texas tune!

    Aaron Watson

    Aaron Watson is now arguably the most well known Texas country artist. His recent fame came from a self produced album The Underdog released earlier this year.

    Eventually soaring to the top of the itunes charts as well as earning a number one spot in the billboard top country albums and top 10 best country albums of

    2015 (critics pick). The independent artists albums vast popularity was somewhat of a shock, but no surprise to loyal fans both old and new that had heard the self produced album. Even with Watson's new found popularity he stays true to his roots. If you browse his social media you'll find a well accomplished country artist settled on a Texas ranch with his beautiful wife and three kids. A statue I feel is what anybody would call a more than honorable lifestyle, and for that Mr. Watson I commend you for steering clear of the monotonous mainstream country lifestyle of booze, trucks, and chasing women.

    Author's special mention:

    Bluebonnet (Julia's song)-A heartfelt song about the emotional struggles of loosing their daughter shortly after birth.

    Fence Post- A laughable story of his experiences and opinions on the Mainstream country scene in Nashville.

    Freight Train-An upbeat and foot tapping song that is sure to leave you singing along.

    By: Zach King

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