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Ranking Of All The Known Avatars

There have been countless Avatars. We only know a few and have to wonder which one is the best.

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4. Kyoshi


Objectively better than Roku as she stopped a tyrant before he things got of control. Objectively worse than Aang as she did so violently. She did also give us the Kyoshi warriors and in turn Suki. All in all, not a bad legacy.

3. Aang


He vanished when the world need him most which is what prevents him ranking higher on this list. But he ended the 100 Year War, founded Republic City, and created the Air Acolytes all before adulthood. Seriously, he did more in 15 years than most of us will do in a life time.

2. Wan


The very first Avatar and the reason why we have Avatars to begin with. Yes, he made a mistake by freeing Vaatu but he made up for in spades by sealing him away for 10,000 years. He also inspired humans to leave their cities and explore the world. You could argue that sealing the spirit world was a bad idea but it did prevent the abuse of spirit power like we saw later.

1. Korra


Everything the previous Avatars did, Korra did better. Aang defeated one enemy, Korra defeated four. Roku let things sprial out of control, Korra stopped evil in its track. Kyoshi killed her enemies, Korra used diplomacy. Wan locked Vaatu up for 10,000 years, Korra got rid of him for good. She was, hands down, the best there ever was.

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