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Breaking News: Dante And Virgil Caught On A Rendezvous

Virgil and Dante fans are screaming over the footage of the couple on a romantic boat ride, seen just a few centuries ago.

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Breaking News: Dante and Virgil Caught on a Rendezvous

Photo snapped by Luca, a huge fan of the couple. / Via Twitter: @LucaLovesDante

News Flash: Dante and Virgil have just been caught traveling on a romantic vacation together through Hell! Is it a honeymoon perhaps???

There newest date... a romantic boat ride!! Does anyone remember the romantic boat scene in The Little Mermaid?? Well this is ten times better!!! Our reporter got footage of the date:

E! News' report of the date:

The two were seen publicly kissing on their boat in the most exclusive parts of Hell. Although nothing has been confirmed, the "Dirgil" supporters suspect that the pair are now more comfortable with their relationship.

The fanbase feels as though this openness is a huge step for the extremely low-key couple. Day after day, they anxiously wait for more news on their favorite OTP.

Quote from interview with Dante Alighieri:

"Then he embraced me saying: "Indignant spirit, I kiss you as you frown" (Alighieri 61).

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