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Can You Date This Boy?

See if you can win Ryo's heart in BuzzFeed's first dating sim.

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Ryo (22) profile:

Sumeragi Kohaku / Via


Job:A college student in Tokyo

Place of origin:Tottori prefecture

Blood type:B

Club affiliation:ESS(English Speaking Society)

Personality:Friendly with everyone. Cannot resist quiet girls in the club.

Notes: Broke up with a girlfriend of three and a half years about a month ago after she left to go backpacking around the world. Sometimes he gazes into the distance, as though he cannot keep his ex-girlfriend off his mind.

When he was with his ex, he kept his distance from other girls. Now that she's gone, and with summer just around the corner, he's starting to show more interest in dating again.

  1. You just received a message from Ryo, who you recognize from English Speaking Society at your university, but who you’ve never spoken to before. How do you respond?

    Yuya Yoshida / Tanner Greenring / BuzzFeed
    “Sure! I'd love to!”
    "I might be free the day after tomorrow in the evening.”
    "You surprised me with your unexpected message (^_^;) I've been wanting to talk to you too!”
    4 days later, respond with, "Sorry, I didn't notice your message."
  2. Ryo wants to get dinner with you. This is the first time you’ve had a chance to get him alone. Where do you want to go?

    Sumeragi Kohaku / /
    A stylish, dimly lit restaurant.
    A romantic French restaurant.
    Somewhere casual, like a diner.
    Fast food? White Castle or maybe Burger King?
  3. On your way out, Ryo says he’s having too much fun, and doesn’t want to head home yet. Where to next?

    Sumeragi Kohaku / /
    Go to Karaoke.
    Go to the batting cages.
    Invite him over to your place.
    Ask him to help pick out a new outfit for you at Uniqlo.
  4. After your first date, you’re excitedly walking to class. You come across Ryo on a rarely used bench in the quiet part of campus. The ESS club president is lying across his lap. How do you react?

    Sumeragi Kohaku / JewelSaviorFree / /
    Act as though nothing happened.
    Go lie down on his lap too.
    Pretend like you never saw it, and leave.
    Discretely take a picture.
  5. You heard that Ryo “might be dating the ESS president,” and you ask your best friend Hiroshi for advice. He assures you that it will be fine, and you regain some confidence. Later than week, Ryo invites you to the beach:

    Sumeragi Kohaku / /
    Of course you’ll go on an intimate trip with Ryo!
    Invite Hiroshi and his boyfriend, and make it a double date.
    Second guess yourself, and ask if Ryo can reschedule for later in the summer.
    Invite Ryo to visit the US with you instead.
  6. After a great weekend away, you’re certain that Ryo likes you, just like Hiroshi said! But you haven’t heard from him in a bit, and he’s stopped responding to your messages. What do you think he’s up to?

    Sumeragi Kohaku / /
    He’s probably in bed with a cold.
    His phone probably isn't working.
    He’s actually been hanging out with Hiroshi. They’ve become friends.
    You think you’ve maybe seen him around with the ESS president.
  7. Amidst all this, you realize that Ryo’s birthday is right around the corner. You invite him out, and get him a gift. What is it?

    Sumeragi Kohaku / /
    You give him a gift card.
    You give him a beautiful pair of cufflinks.
    You make him a plate of desserts from where you grew up.
    You invite him to Tokyo Disneyland. You’ve always wanted to go.
  8. Upon receiving the gift, he says, “Wow! This is incredible!” and gives you a hug. This is your moment! It’s time to confess your love to Ryo. What do you say?

    Sumeragi Kohaku / /
    "I have always liked you. Would you consider being my boyfriend?”
    "I like your kind eyes. Would you be my boyfriend?”
    "Hey, do you wanna be my boyfriend?”
    “Ryo, I’m in love with you."

Can You Date This Boy?

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You got: Ryo was already dating someone in ESS club.

Too bad. You took too long to ask, and Ryo started dating Hinata, the president of the English Speaking Society. They actually seem pretty happy together too.

Ryo was already dating someone in ESS club.
Sumeragi Kohaku / JewelSaviorFree / /
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You got: Ryo is actually dating your best friend, Hiroshi.

Too bad. You were so caught up in emotion that you missed the signs, but Hiroshi was there to listen to Ryo and help him with his relationship issues. The two hit it off, and started dating a few weeks ago.

Ryo is actually dating your best friend, Hiroshi.
Sumeragi Kohaku / JewelSaviorFree / /
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This is fiction. The characters have no relationship to actual people or organizations.

This post was translated from Japanese.

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