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The 15 Staff Members You Meet On YUNMUN

Yeshiva University National Model UN XXVII (2017)

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1. Super enthusiastic admissions people

2. The super scary intense committee chair

3. The staff member who’s basically a YU cheerleader

4. The really helpful undersecretary

5. The random media staff who keep taking pictures of you

6. The chair who’s been on YUNMUN every year for literally forever

7. The chair who’s never been on YUNMUN before

8. The chair who seems super serious but on the second day throws a party

9. The chair who ignores anyone motioning for point of personal privilege

10. The classic YU administrator who comes to speak

11. The random tech guy


12. The school advisors who wander around all day

13. The chair who is a little too enthusiastic with their gavel

14. The administrative assistant who types a zillion words a minute

15. Avi Strauss

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