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Most Ridiculous Things Overheard At YUNMUN XXVII

Yeshiva University Model UN XXVII (2017)

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"When I was a young boy growing up in South Korea..."

"Wait! Camera person! Come back!"

"ET is Darth Vader"

"Elie has never peeled his own orange"

"This looks like a vort cake. Mazel tov!"

"USA, come here! You've got a veto, we like you"


"We have a Germany?"

"They're going to run out of food!"

Delegate: "Right of reply?" Chair: "Only if you're going to say something funny."

"North Korea isn't a real place"

"Cannibalism will solve the population crisis...."

"Thanks for using your personality"

"It's like a gazebo...but inside!"

"I hear everyone who goes to YUNMUN gets engaged at YU"

"If you're smart enough to do Model UN, you're smart enough to make a salmon sound!"

"They tried to make me go to rehab, and I said no, no, no"

"You shouldn't blackmail them"

"Health crises are not jokes!"

"Health crises are not jokes?"

"You can love me or you can hate me, but baby you can't break me"

"Lizzi Peled is the best chair I've ever had in my life"


-Lizzi Peled

"My country was taken over by a fascist government, but then we became communist, and now we're part of the Islamic State."

"How do you spell bougie-er?"


"What's an excise tax?"

"Is it okay if I try to start World War III?"

"But it might lead to mixed dancing"

"Spelling Raffi with two F's is absurd"

"I'm going to rip up my speech. I feel like it's becoming tradition."

"Are you looking for the power you just lost?"

(To Sec. Gen. Avi Strauss, after YUNMUN was officially over)

"Party in room 3030 at 12 am!"

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