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Börek is very popular in almost all Middle Eastern and Balkan countries. People spending hours to make it when they have special guests coming over during special occasion. Börek is made by layering several sheets of dough and is flavored by placing a filling of your choice (like this spinach and cheese) in the middle of those layers.

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This dish have different names in different reagions

in Turkey it is called Börek (Turkish pronunciation: [Bøˈɾekʲ]; also Burek or Böreği,.

In Albania, this dish is called Byrek, Burek, or Lakror

In Armenia,... Byorek

In Israel, Bourekas ...

in italy Burriche or Burricche.....

Crimean Tatars calls it Çibörek, it is their national dish.

Tunisian and Algerian calls it Brik (pronounced Breek)


for filling

oil 2-3 tbs

garlic chopped 2 tbs

onion one large (chopped)

nigella seeds 1 tsp

green chili 3-4 or according to taste(chopped)

salt to taste

spinach 1 kg

ricotta cheese 500g

edamer cheese as needed

for dough you need

all-purpose flour 4 cups

egg one

oil half cup

salt 3 tsp

milk 1/2 cup (luke warm)

water luke warm ,to make soft dough

plus you need

one egg for egg wash and nigella seeds or sesame seeds to sprinkle on börek.

follow video recipe serve it hot

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