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Why This Smart Thermometer Is A Must-Have For Every Home Cook

Take the guesswork out of cooking!

Don't you just love when your home-cooked meal comes out just how you like it?

Person puts a dish from the oven on the stovetop.

With the Yummly® Smart Thermometer, it's easier than ever!

The Yummly® Smart Thermometer set on a counter.

That's because it takes the guesswork out of cooking with built-in timers, easy-to-follow guides, and so many other great features.

A person getting a notification on his phone telling him to flip his steak.

It also has a wide range of preset programs to help you cook roast chicken, grilled steak, pan-seared salmon, and much more!

A person cuts carrots on a cutting board beside the Yummly® Smart Thermometer.

The customizable options make it great for all home cooks, whether you're just learning the basics or are practically a pro.

The Yummly® Smart Thermometer and a phone with the Yummly app.

And it has a wireless design that connects via Bluetooth, which means no more hovering by your oven.

A person checking on their food in the oven.

To use this smart thermometer, all you need to do is insert the probe, select the meat you're cooking in the app, and choose your preferred doneness level.

The Yummly app measuring steak doneness.

Then, you'll get a notification when it's ready. It's as easy as that!

A notification on a phone from the Yummly® app.

You can even use up to four thermometers at once to help you please even your pickiest guest with meat cooked the way they like it.

Take your cooking to the next level with the Yummly® Smart Thermometer!