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Here’s How To Impress Your Loved Ones In The Kitchen This Year

Whether you're cooking for a potluck or you're making the entire dinner, Yummly's got your back this holiday season!

The one thing everyone looks forward to during the holidays is the food!

Place setting of food at a Thanksgiving dinner.

If you’re cooking for loved ones, the stakes are high, especially if you’re no expert. With all the multitasking involved, it's really hard to feel confident.

Young man standing in front of an oven with smoke filling the room.

But the Yummly® Digital Smart Thermometer sets you up for cooking success, even if you’re multitasking above your skill set!

A piece of raw salmon on a wooden board next to a thermometer and a smartphone.

You can set timers and alerts on your smartphone, which makes cooking multiple dishes so much easier.

Someone chopping vegetables. A conversational bubble above a smartphone nearby reads, "It's time to flip your steak!"

The Smart Thermometer takes the guesswork out of cooking meat, poultry, and fish to your specific, perfect doneness!

Person checking the cooking temperature of chicken on their smartphone.

No more searching the internet for resting times. It already knows!

The Yummly Smart Thermometer and a smartphone next to a roasted chicken.

And the Smart Thermometer is perfect for grilling, roasting, and stovetop cooking.

A hand holds a pan containing a delicious cooked steak.

No matter your skill level, the Smart Thermometer will help you serve a dinner worthy of the ones you love.

So bring out all the flavor of the holidays...and give yourself bragging rights for years to come with the Yummly® Digital Smart Thermometer.

All images courtesy of Getty and Yummly.