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    Fun Tricks You Didn't Know You Could Do With Paper Clips

    A little bit of creativity makes everything better!

    You can find paperclips in pretty much any desk drawer. They're not very exciting, but that's only because you haven't spent much time playing around with them.

    Yuiko Abe / BuzzFeed

    Luckily, we have! Here are some easy ways to make your standard paper clips a little more fun.

    1. The first one is super easy. You just have to bend it a little bit.

    Yuiko Abe / BuzzFeed

    (This one works especially well with red paper clips.)

    Put it on a piece of paper and... TA-DA! You've got a lovely little heart shape. ❤️

    Yuiko Abe / BuzzFeed

    Perfect for decorating a card!

    2. For this next one, you're going to need a little tape.

    Yuiko Abe / BuzzFeed

    And if the tape has a cute design on it, even better!

    Wrap it around the outside end of the paper clip.

    Yuiko Abe / BuzzFeed

    Then trim the edges to make it look like a ribbon.

    Yuiko Abe / BuzzFeed

    Fabric tape like the kind used in this GIF can be found in many paper supply stores, greeting card shops, or office supply places. It works especially well for this.

    Now you've got the perfect little marker for keeping your place in your notebook.

    Yuiko Abe / BuzzFeed

    You can even cut the ribbon a bit further out so you have space to write a label on the tape.

    3. Next time you get a gift with a ribbon tied around it, hold on to that ribbon!

    Yuiko Abe / BuzzFeed

    Everything can be used and reused over and over again if you're clever enough.

    Tie one end of your ribbon to a paper clip, like so:

    Yuiko Abe / BuzzFeed

    And... THAT'S IT!

    Yuiko Abe / BuzzFeed

    Of course, you could always make it your own by adding some beads to the other end of the ribbon.

    Now you've got a perfect bookmark.

    Yuiko Abe / BuzzFeed

    Just clip it onto the spine or back cover of your favorite book, and slip the ribbon in to save your spot.

    Do you have any creative paper clip tricks?

    This post was translated from Japanese.

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