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    This Seashell Mermaid Bed Is Something Straight Outta Our Childhood Dreams, You Guys

    Calling all Little Mermaids...

    Let's admit it — in the year 2018, most of us are still high-key obsessed with all things mermaid. Mermaid hair, mermaid merch, and of course, mermaid furniture:

    So, gird your fish scale-covered loins, merfolk: There's apparently a mermaid bed out there, just waiting to be yours.

    And it's so cute!!

    PLUS, it lights up:

    And the frame is made from fiberglass and painted over with "magical rainbow paint," per the product's description.

    And if you're scared that the clam shell will slam shut on you when you're sleeping, let this video assuage your fears:

    The only catch? It's kiiiinda for kids.

    BUT if a mermaid bed doesn't quite ~float~ your boat, there's plenty of other equally enchanting pieces in Circu's furniture line to daydream about, like these cloud lights:

    And this mirror, if you're into more of an Evil Queen aesthetic:

    Plus, there's even a set of drawers as inspired by the movie "Up."

    And there you have it: All the things you need to build out the most gorgeous princess pad on earth, if you're willing to ~shell~ out for it.

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    This post was translated from Japanese.