Celebrities We Could Easily Mistake For Professional Dancers

It is not unusual for a dancer to be stopped on the street and asked the question: “You’re a dancer aren’t you?” Whether it is the upright posture, the turned-out feet, the slim but muscular build, or the sometimes exaggerated use of the arms and hands when talking, there is something unique about the way dancers look and move in the everyday world that often gives them away. Here, we’ve compiled a list of celebrities (past or present) who, for one reason or another, could easily be stopped on the street and mistaken for professional dancers.

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2. Timothy Olyphant


Shows a dancer’s presence, particularly in his unmistakable posture and walk. Apparently, he not only looks like a dancer, but he also likes “Dancing With the Stars”.

3. Esperanza Spalding


The jazz bassist and singer recognized as the Best New Artist in the 2011 Grammys. She possesses an inherent grace of a dancer.

4. Orlando Bloom


Possesses the regal quality of a dancer to be eternally cast in the role of the prince – or as ballet dancers say –The Man in White Tights

5. Angelina Jolie


The intensity of focus is there as well as an elegantly sinister beauty.

6. Willem Dafoe


Has a wiry, cat-like self-assuredness. We can easily picture him doing a tap solo or in a Bob Fosse-style jazz number like this one below from “Fosse: The Musical”

7. Dancer from “Fosse: The Musical”


8. Emmanuelle Chriqui


Has a dancer’s poise, which convincingly lends itself to any style: modern dance, Argentine tango, hip hop, jazz, salsa, or just about anything.

9. Elijah Wood


The light, compact form; The quintessential ‘Puck’ from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

10. Anjelica Huston


Has always possessed a ballerina-like quality that is difficult to define.

11. Peter Mensah


The English/Ghanaian actor and martial artist, with a strong sense of a dancer’s power and line.

12. Yul Brynner


Always had a dancer’s flair for the dramatic and an image that exuded power.

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