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    25 Gifts You Still Have Time To Get From Express

    Plus, these stylish gifts are also on s-a-l-e.

    1. A belted jumpsuit for your bestie — it's a comfortable one-piece that can be worn in and out of the house.

    A dark gray jumpsuit with a belt

    2. A “Cancelled Plans” candle that’s perfectly themed for the dumpster fire that was 2020. It smells of sage, oak moss, amber, orange, bergamot, vetiver, and dark musk.

    A teal-colored candle that says "social anxiety" on it

    3. Cozy bootie socks for a fab alternative to slippers when it comes to lounging around at home.

    4. A pair of leggings that's sure to excite the practical dresser on your list. These full-length, soft, and stretchy pants will go great with any dress, tunic, or sweater in their wardrobe.

    A woman wearing black leggings and white sneakers.

    5. A boxed hat-and-glove gift set in pitch black. It’s the “good for anyone and everyone” present.

    A packaged box with a black winter cap and black and gray gloves in it

    6. A set of nail polishes so they can DIY their mani like a pro. They’ll get three complementary shades in each kit to mix and match each nail.

    A pack of three bottles of nail polish in mauve, pink, and shiny pink

    7. A cozy cable knit sweater that's got fringe for days. This one's got a mock neck and long sleeves for ultimate style.

    A woman wearing a cream-colored chunky sweater with cream-colored pants.

    8. A chic, versatile, vegan tote to carry year round. Removable shoulder strap handles means they can adjust however they'd like!

    A big black tote with a smaller black cosmetic bag next to it

    9. A pair of fashionable faux fur-lined slippers they’d be proud to wear at home or in public.

    A pair of black and gray house slippers

    10. An on-trend, gram-worthy puffy shirt for the fashionista in your life. This mock neck with balloon sleeves is the perfect addition to any wardrobe!

    model wearing the white shirt

    11. An adorable coin purse with a positive message that tells its recipient to ~shine bright~.

    the silver coin purse

    12. A box of socks for every day of the week (plus a bonus pair for laundry day) because they need a reminder what day it is.

    A box of eight socks in black, gray, white, and blue with the days of the week on it, and an eighth one with the words "laundry day" on it

    13. A reversible puffer jacket that is black on one side and metallic on the other.

    14. A set of fancy cufflinks for their next special occasion. Think: when the pandemic is behind us and fancy parties are a thing again.

    A pair of silver cufflinks in an imperfect rectangular shape

    15. A fab pair of rhinestone hair barrettes that will transport them to the roaring ‘20s.

    A pair of silver hair clips with diamond-like an emerald-like gems on it

    16. A black nylon backpack perfect for any commute or weekend outing. They’ll love the gift of storage with all of the essential compartments this bag offers.

    the black backpack

    17. A metallic floral embroidered midi dress that's super on-trend right now. This one has a stretchy waistband for max comfort!

    A woman wearing a boho print midi dress and black velvet boots.

    18. Luxe cashmere slippers for the fancy pal on your list. The pom accent gives these loungers some extra pizzazz.

    A cream-colored pair of slippers with a pom on each

    19. A hooded puffer coat because winter is here and your gift recipient deserves maximum warmth. It comes equipped with a removable hood attached with snaps, plus a snap-and-zipped enclosure to trap in heat.

    A woman wearing a black velvet jacket that's puffy with gray-colored jeans.

    20. An artsy AirPods case so they can easily differentiate theirs from, well, everyone else's.

    An AirPods case that looks like a watercolor of blue, purple and white

    21. A vegan leather sling bag ( you know, a fanny pack) for the coolest person on your list. Not everyone can pull this accessory off, after all.

    A black leather fanny pack

    22. A tie, tie bar, and bracelet kit already packaged in a gift box for you — so you can just order and be done!

    A box with a black tie, silver tie clip and black bracelet inside

    23. A pair of super high-waisted coated slim leggings that basically look like liquid leather. These stretch for comfort, but come with a button and zipper enclosure that gives them the look of real pants.

    A woman wearing a pair of shiny leggings that almost look like leather and white tennis shoes.

    24. A sherpa hoodie for your favorite furry friend.

    A dark brown pullover that a bulldog is wearing

    25. A narrow floral tie in a fun floral print they can pair with any suit for a more ~trendy~ vibe.

    A gray tie with pink flowers on it

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