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    10 Reasons My Fiance Is Better Than Yours

    (I may be a bit biased.)

    10. Halloween is a BIG DEAL for him.

    He's more than willing to give me free reign on his face.

    9. We've never become a cliche.

    We were friends in high school, but didn't become serious until after I graduated. So not really "High School Sweethearts." Ugh. (I'm in the lion suit, by the way.)

    8. My fiance is the best cuddle buddy, even to animals!

    She's a frequent visitor.

    7. He loves me whether I'm dressed to the nines or a mushy lump.


    I don't normally wear makeup, I don't style my hair beyond a ponytail, I'm plus-size. He tells me every day that I'm beautiful.

    6. He respects the need for introversion.

    Reading time, coloring, drawing, or simply listening to music in silence is totally cool with him.

    5. He gently quiets my insecurities.


    "Am I annoying?"


    "But what if..."

    "You're fine."

    "Are you mad?"

    "No...but keep asking and I will be." (<--- that's a joke, by the way.)

    4. He has influenced and shaped my sense of humor.


    I now have a great appreciation for the Simpsons and South Park.

    3. He appreciates my literary obsessions.

    It may seem funny to people who don't know me that well, but the written word was a friend long before people were, and I hold real people to the standards of characters.

    2. He has changed what I want for the future.


    I used to want to travel the world by myself, but I feared being lonely. I wanted a house, but with him, it will be a home. And traveling will be much more enjoyable with my best friend. :D

    1. The way he looks at me.

    I never thought I would find someone who looks at me with such kindness, appreciation, and happiness. He's everything I wanted, and things I never knew I needed.

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