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10 Liz Lemon GIFs That Illustrate Your Love Of Food During The Holidays

Gravy, pumpkin pie, cookies, stuffing, eggnog, HAM? I WANT TO GO TO THERE.

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1. Any true holiday food lover has a special nickname for Christmas Eve/Christmas.


Any sammie that has turkey or cranberry shall be taken and eaten by me.

2. When your aunt Patty keeps yelling "5 more minutes until my special mac and cheese is ready!"

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Get your shit together, Aunt Patty.

3. When your family members ask you if you've "taken a lover" yet.

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Bread is also my lover.

4. When the kids get sandwiches first because they're "hungrier."

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DON'T GET IN BETWEEN ME AND SANDWICH LOVE. Unless you're turkey meat.

5. No explanation needed.

NBC Universal

Why hasn't this been released as a single yet?

6. When your mom talks about cutting down on dessert to get the family healthier.

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Going healthy aka my worst nightmare during the holidays is just cruel.

7. Ready for the third main course.

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Carry ham by myself? What am I, a farmer?

8. When family members ask, "Are you going to finish that?"

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Wolfing down my plate is my answer.

9. When food is the only thing that really gets you.

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Like, truly gets know what I mean?


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Gravy, cranberries, and turkey, oh my!

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