while you’re probably just a troll, imma…

while you’re probably just a troll, imma engage you because 1. i have nothing better to do right now and 2. because you’re fucking dumb. all right. i’m gay. i did not choose to be gay, i just am. do you honestly think when i figured out my sexuality at 12, i would actively choose to be gay? you think that at puberty, i decided, “you know what? i want to be a second class citizen, get called fag, bullied physically, shunned by some people and generally made to feel like shit on a daily basis”? if you think that with all the turmoil of adolescence, i would compound it by choosing to be gay? you’re fucking out of your mind if you think that’s the case. don’t get me wrong. i love myself and i love being gay. i love my supportive family, friends and boyfriend. i don’t need to get “better.” i am gay. deal with it, you hateful fuck. what the fuck do you mean by “populate a gay town”? you make it sound like we’re on the island from “lost.” gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people are everywhere, but we’re called a minority for a reason. as for the right to adopt, why does it matter to you? there are literally millions of unloved, unwanted children in the world. would your reprehensible prejudice deny one of these kids a good home just because the parents might be two dads or two moms? i’m an atheist, but i’m pretty sure god would frown upon that type of behavior. as a gay man, all i want is the same rights that straight people have. i do not want preferential treatment. i want the right to marry, adopt, visit my (future) spouse in the hospital, file taxes together and live our lives in peace. that’s all i have to say.

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