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12 Reasons Living In Philly Is Actually The Worst

It's the best worst city in the world, tbh. But make it even better with live TV and sports anytime, anywhere, on YouTube TV.

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...but explaining what it even is to out-of-towners takes an eternity.

("So it's water...but also ice?")

...but to get inside you'll have to spend time dodging a bunch of people doing the "Rocky pose."

...but some of the best flavors are only available certain times of the year.

...but you'll have to get used to marathon tailgating sessions.

...but you might get sidetracked exploring spooky alleys to find them.

...but you might never recover if you hear someone call them "subs."

...but you'll have to avoid getting swept up in contagious partying.

With YouTube TV, you can watch live TV and sports anywhere at any time. So unlike on I-76, you won't have to wait.