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13 Things You'll Recognize If You Love To Hate LA

Let's face it: Nobody's breaking out in song on the freeway waiting for traffic to move. YouTube TV lets you watch live TV and sports anywhere, anytime, so there's one fewer thing you have to wait for.

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1. It's ice cream season year round... you might waste time staring up at eye-catching buildings.

3. The secret menu is way better...

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...but you might have to wait a liiiiittle bit longer if the person in front of you asks for explanations of all the items.

...but riders waiting for Purple Line construction will have to be a bit patient.

...but nothing can truly prepare you for sitting in traffic on the 101.

7. It's super easy to post photos that make people jealous...

...but then your friends will probably overstay their welcome once they inevitably visit.

...but film shoots tend to shut down certain areas every once in a while.

10. You can get nearly every type of food imaginable...

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...but it would take years to visit all the restaurants on your wishlist. eventually you may grow tired of seeing your favorite celebs walking the streets.

...which means you'll always have plenty of distractions within reach.

Of course, every city has its pros and "cons." But with YouTube TV, you can avoid the worst and watch live TV hassle-free from anywhere at any time.