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People Are Losing Their Minds Over This YouTube TV Ad During The World Series

*frantically tapping TV screen*

If you've been watching the World Series, you probably noticed this cleverly placed ad for YouTube TV behind home plate:

The brilliant ad by Youtube was perfectly centered on the broadcast making the World Series game look like a YouTub…

It turns out a lot of people had the same reaction to a YouTube "play" button perfectly positioned in the center of their TV screens:

This #WorldSeries @youtube ad is distracting lol. #Astros #Dodgers #EarnHistory

Am I only one that instinctually wants to hit play button on You Tube TV advertisement behind home plate? 🤔#WorldSeries

Watching the World Series but I just want to press that YouTube play button behind home plate and see what happens

I keep thinking I need to click play on a YouTube video watching the World Series

Some people really loved the advertisement...

Ok - the YouTube ad behind the plate setup with the play button such that it looks like the TV is a YouTube video. *explosion* #worldseries…

Tell me someone INTENDED for the play button to be (almost) dead center for #WorldSeries Game 1. Well played,…

Others chose to focus on the issues that really matter...

Shout out to YouTube for playing Wu Tang Clan during their World Series commercial.

But there's one thing about YouTube TV's World Series ad that we can all agree on:

That YouTube play button in he middle of my tv is freakin me #WorldSeries #dodgers

Don't panic! You can wipe the fingerprints off of your TV screen and push the button now, then catch the remaining World Series games live on FOX with YouTube TV!