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14 Simple Hacks That’ll Ensure You’ll Never See A Spoiler Again

Take your shows wherever you go with YouTube TV.

1. Avoid social media if you’re on your way home.

2. Ignore texts from friends who you know are watching before you are.

3. Turn off your radio.

4. Don’t bring up movies, television, or even books while talking to someone.

5. In fact, if you’re out in public, just close your eyes and plug your ears because people will likely be talking about them.

6. Buy a sash that says “NO SPOILERS.”

7. Throw your phone at a wall if you suspect there’s something on the screen that contains spoilers.

8. Sit on your computer, or, if that won’t curb the urge to log on, go ahead and just throw it away.

9. Start corresponding via tiny scrolls tucked into bottles that are then tossed into the sea.

10. Walk into the woods and live off of the land for a while.

11. Crawl into a cave and stay there.

12. Why not try putting a box on your head like this:

13. Catch up on sleep. Like, a lot of it.

14. Or actually, you could totally forgo sleep entirely and watch every second of everything. Like, all of it.

Avoid spoilers; watch YouTube TV.