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11 Moments That Are Too Real If You Live In San Francisco

The city by the bay ain't always so easy 'n' breezy. Sometimes you gotta wait to enjoy the things you love. YouTube TV lets you watch live TV and sports anywhere, anytime. Buh-bye, boredom!

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1. You're only an hour and a half from wine country...

...but you might never want to come back after the weekend.

2. You can enjoy some of the best breakfasts in the world...

...but you gotta line up the day before to get a table.

3. You can enjoy the sunshine with your doggo at Dolores Park... just gotta wait for the fog to disappear.

5. You can feast on delicious meals, like oysters, at the Ferry Building market...

...but you'll be shoulder to shoulder with folks while you navigate your way through.

6. You can enjoy stunning panoramas of the city...

...but you gotta trek a mile uphill to see them.

7. The city is just the right size, so you can bike anywhere you want...

...but that small distance includes nearly vertical hills.

...if you're able to snag one of the fire pits. just won't find a place to park.

10. There aren't many places that let you swing with views like this... just gotta be "in the know" to find them. just have to deal with two-lane traffic jams to get there.

Some things in San Francisco are worth the wait. Break through the fog and help time fly by — watch live TV and sports anywhere, anytime, with YouTube TV.

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