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11 Moments Every Chicago Resident Has Endured At Least Once

Putting the "win" in "Windy City" isn't always easy. Sometimes you gotta wait to enjoy the things you love. YouTube TV lets you watch live TV and sports anywhere, anytime, so you won’t ever be bored again.

Posted on'll just have to get to the theater an hour early if you want a good seat.

...but you gotta wait behind the tourist in line who doesn't know how to order one.

...unless, of course, you're the unfortunate soul caught in the 4–8 p.m. rush hour traffic.

...but once you've parked, you probably won't want to leave your apartment, like, all winter.'ll just have to fight the 50 other tourists to get a good view.

6. As a resident of Chicago, you have access to all kinds of free art...

Art by Instagram: @chicagoteria / Photo by

...but that means 2.7 million people do too. Hey, can't be free.

...if you don't mind getting super sweaty while you watch your food cook.

8. You have access to underground music that has pioneered its own scene, sound, and style... just gotta put in a little work to find the best place to bust your footwork.

...but you're going to have to fight to find and keep your court spot.

10. You can see the town literally be painted green every March...

11. Spending summers with your friends in Millennium Park is dreamy... just have to put up with what seems like 40 weeks of winter before you can enjoy it.

Some things in Chicago are worth the wait. Help time fly by — watch live TV and sports anywhere, anytime, with YouTube TV.