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13 Things That ALWAYS Happen When Watching A Live Sports Game

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1. You lose exactly 1/1000th of your hearing.

Don't lie — you heard it from just looking at it.
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Don't lie — you heard it from just looking at it.

2. Your friend who knows nothing about sports asks you at least 30 questions.


Why are you even here?

3. The other team's fans prove themselves to be the absolute worst.

UFA GmbH / Via

Bunch of creeps, the whole lot of 'em.

4. And you have the harsh realization that your team's fans aren't much better.


I mean, the GIF really speaks for itself, doesn't it?

5. Regrets are made, and snacks are lost.

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6. Which may or may not be your fault.


7. So much trash talk.


"You sure about that? We lookin' at the same scoreboard?"

8. You miss the MOST INSANE THING because you were distracted by social media for one second. ONE SECOND!

You just had to take that pic.

You just had to take that pic.

9. But somehow you manage to catch someone being possessed by a demon on the jumbotron.

10. You wait patiently for the perfect moment to use the restroom...that never comes.

11. *Sound of fists banging on bar counters*

Hoozone / Getty Images

12. There's a 96% chance you will lose your voice.

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Most likely because of #6 on this list.

13. Your team loses and you basically forbid any discussion on the topic for at least three days.


"Hello darkness, my old friend..."

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