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The 10 Most Talked About Music Video Moments This Year

From Bieber to Britney and even Bowie, 2013 was packed with buzzworthy new music. Here are just a few of the most talked about music video moments of the past year. Tune in now to the first ever YouTube Music Awards to see what other most talked about moments will happen!

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10. When Justin Bieber grinded on Nicki Minaj in "Beauty and a Beat."

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And then Nicki put the Biebs on blast when she told Alan Carr, “No, he couldn’t even feel me through that big poofy skirt. His little thing… no,” when the interviewer asked if Justin made a move on her.

9. When The Lonely Island's "Spring Break Anthem" went from bromance to straight up romance.

Universal Republic Records / Via

Well... not so straight.

8. When the Yeah Yeah Yeahs burned Lily Collins at the stake in "Sacrilege."

Interscope / Via

French director group, Megaforce, figured out that promiscuity and vengeance are the key to spine-chilling art.

7. When Jay-Z's "Picasso Baby" killed performance art.

Roc Nation / Via

Is "killed" a good thing or a bad thing? It depends on what side of the argument you're on.

6. When Anna Kendrick finally gave Pitch Perfect fans a video for that darn "Cups" song.

Republic / Via

OK, we admit it's catchy! But we're really thirsty, can we have our cups back?

5. When David Bowie played Jesus with his friends Marion Cotillard and Gary Oldman in "The Next Day."

ISO Records / Via

The Catholic League denounced it pretty quickly, so the video served its purpose.

**NSFW (especially if you work at The Catholic League)

4. When Katy Cats and Little Monsters duked it out over whether "Roar" or "Applause" was a better comeback.

Why can't we all just get along?!

3. When Ylvis's "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)" made us realize that we all have gaps in our basic knowledge.

Concorde Records / Via

Ring ding ding sounds about right...

2. When Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" asked the tough question, "What rhymes with hug me?"

Interscope / Via

The simple answer was, "a lot of things."

1. And when Miley did anything.

"Cause somewhere in America Miley Cyrus is still twerkin. Twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk. Twerk, Miley, Miley, twerk twerk." - Jay-Z

Don't miss the 2013 YouTube Music Awards on Nov. 3 to see if your favorite artist makes history by walking away with the first ever award of its kind.

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