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13 Incredibly Inspiring Words Of Wisdom From Tanya Burr

Covering everything from break-ups to body confidence.

1. On not comparing your body to anyone else's.

2. And embracing your body for exactly how it is.

3. On how to deal with an anxiety attack:

4. And trying to remember that you can, and will, overcome it.

5. What she would tell her younger self about anxiety:

6. How important it is to have someone you trust around you when you start feeling anxious.

7. And that it's okay to not want to talk after an attack.

8. The importance of keeping busy after a break-up.

9. But also embracing your feelings, rather than holding them in.

10. And what to think when heartbreak feels way too consuming.

11. How to stop being ruled by other people's perceptions and just do you.

12. While not judging yourself too harshly either because some things – like gaining confidence – just take time.

13. And three of life's most important rules to remember:

All images courtesy of YouTube.

What advice from Tanya really speaks to you? Add your favourite quotes from her in the comments below!