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12 Pieces Of Dating Advice We Learned From YouTube Star Lilly Singh

You know she keeps it real, so you better listen up, OK? OK.

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1. Don't issue a bunch of restrictions and guidelines.

"Skdjflksd! You telling me that you lied for years, pretending you were going to the library, breaking your parents’ rules so you could be in a relationship with a boyfriend and follow his rules?!"

2. Don't make everything about your partner/relationship.

"And I have so many bills to pay."

"Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, Jack has an Uncle Bill."

"And it’s just getting really hard."

"Yeah, last night Jack got—"


3. Don't play that cutesy game of who hangs up first.

"Like, bro, give me the phone! I’ll hang up for the both of you! Just like [makes smashing noises]. Anyway, you were saying?"

4. Don't fall into the cycle of hot/cold, on/off, love/hate.

"We’ve been together for five years."

"This is it. We are never getting back together."

"But, like, he apologized!"

"I cannot believe he cheated on me again."

"I swear — this is the last time."

"We’ve been together six years."

"Honestly, maybe we’re just not right for each other."

5. Be ~appreciative~!

"Oh my god, get this — he bought me diamond earrings, and they’re, like, SO small. You can’t even see them. Like, I’ll never shine bright like a diamond."

6. Be yourself from the start, otherwise you'll sideline your partner later with your true self.

"Hi, hello! We’re not playing baseball. Do not throw curveballs at me."

7. Stop with the excessive PDA.

"This not the [squeezing motion] time."

8. Don't post makeout pics on social media.

"Eating his face at the beach."

"Eating her face in the club."

"Isn’t this such a good picture of me?"

"Doesn’t his tongue bring out my eyes?"

9. Don't bring your girl to boys' night...or vice versa.

"And you know what else? I can’t wait to tell him all about my bloody periods and stretch marks."

10. Keep own your life and your own friends.

"Like, hi, he’s your boyfriend, and according to my science class, he’s not the sun. So I don’t know why the eff you’s orbiting around him."

11. Don't be the couple that's not ashamed to argue in public.

"No, but real talk — you must have an amazing sex life. Because no one understands why you’re together."

12. Don't expect your partner to fix your problems.

"People are not doctor’s appointments, OK? You shouldn’t go up to them and tell them everything that’s wrong with you and then they fix you and heal you and tend to your every scratch. No! People should be the lollipop you obtain after you’re done at the doctor’s appointment."

Follow the rules! It's not that hard. For more dating tips and realness from Lilly, check out her YouTube channel.

"That's a swell idea."

All images courtesy of Lilly Singh.