18 Of The Most Awesomely Geeky Tattoos

And we mean “geek” in the best way possible. You guys rule. Get your geek fill and check out what you missed during YouTube Geek Week.

1. You’ve got your Linux, and you’ve got your BSD Unix.

vonguard / Via Flickr: vonguard

What else could you possibly need?

2. Just wondering where < head> and < /body> is, that’s all.

Fernando Mafra / Via Flickr: 64707145@N00

3. Oh great, an ethernet port! The wifi in here is terrible.

Eric Skiff / Via Flickr: ericskiff

4. ALL THINGS NINTENDO. A true thing of beauty.

Matt Grommes / Via Flickr: mattgrommes

5. A Tardis for you, and a Tardis for me.

tmib_seattle / Via Flickr: tmib

If this isn’t love then I don’t know what is.

6. Freckles ‘n fractals. Two of nature’s greatest inventions.

Christian Heilmann / Via Flickr: 11414938@N00

7. When it comes to her chosen publishing platform, this girl can’t seem to pick a side.

simosmme / Via Flickr: 56369179@N00

8. This is a fork bomb, and it’s pretty awesome.

José Maria Silveira Neto / Via Flickr: 77718477@N00

This particular fork is self-replicating. When run on Linux, it’ll spawn itself over and over until it overwhelms the machine and all other programs stop working. It’s self-destructive, and it’s geek chic.

9. The last thing you’ll ever see.

Mitchell Laurren-Ring / Via Flickr: rynosoft

10. Elemental!

Amy Guth / Via Flickr: 92025495@N00

11. Is cross stitching a geek thing? Sure is.


Francis Storr / Via Flickr: 20218973@N00

Oh…wait. Start love, end hate. I get it.

13. Someone vomited nerd all over this guy.

methodshop .com / Via Flickr: methodshop

Good thing nerd puke looks this cool.

14. Who cares if the Dewey Decimal System is obsolete?

Elizabeth Skene / Via Flickr: eskene

She certainly doesn’t.

15. This is hem-B, the molecule that creates hemoglobin.

Satish Krishnamurthy / Via Flickr: unlistedsightings

Feel dat sweet, sweet oxygenated blood.

16. Every HP fan heart just skipped a beat.

Meagan L. Ragan / Via Flickr: 62648310@N07

Every time.

17. Who doesn’t love a good literary reference?

This particular Vonnegut quote has us itching to re-read Slaughterhouse 5.

18. Dude’s got a chip on his shoulder.

Blake Patterson / Via Flickr: blakespot

Get it?

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