12 Ways YouTube Changed Comedy

The internet made the video star. Check out our favorite ways YouTube revolutionized comedy. For more LOLs check out Comedy Week, coming to YouTube May 19th.

1. We can quickly react to internet sensations.

2. Millions of people can see a joke filmed in your living room.

3. It's shortened our attention span.

4. It's created a perfect home for parodies.

5. We can learn things about how to take care of ourselves.

6. Now we know what our favorite comedians' bedrooms look like.

7. We can share an inside joke with the whole world.

8. We can discover the next big thing.

9. Talented people can showcase their work.

10. We can share videos with our friends.

11. Sometimes, things get delightfully weird.

12. We can watch our favorite comedians anytime, anywhere.

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