12 Things You Can Only Buy On YouTube

Ok, maybe these aren’t real. But wouldn’t it be amazing if they were real? For more awesome comedy videos, you should check out Comedy Week, coming to YouTube May 19th. Cause, you know…jokes are cool.

1. This juice that makes your dog live forever.

Ever wish your dog would live forever? Then you need Immortal Dog.

2. If you have insomnia, you could hire this creep to watch you sleep.

Maybe counting sheep is less terrifying option.

3. This spooky air freshener.

It’s a good point…maybe we should think twice before entering a scary room with a blindfold.

4. The perfect way to lose weight.

With results like this, who cares if it’s racist!

5. A WTF Blanket.

Guaranteed to ruin your sex life.

6. An inappropriately named laundry mat.

This poor man really screwed up when he named his laundry mat.

7. When one shirt isn’t enough. Try So Many Shirts.

There not selling shirts…they’re selling a lifestyle.

8. Amazon knows you better than yourself.

With Amazon yesterday shipping you will get what you need tomorrow, today! Wait…what?

9. Everyone Welcome! (EXCEPT INVISIBLE PEOPLE)

Seriously, no invisible people. AT ALL.

10. This movie about a girl who just wants to roll her hand in the wind.

Bottlecap. It’s the only name she got.

11. These Butt Drugs

For all your Butt Drug needs.

12. This pizza.

All crust. All the time.

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