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14 Slow Mo GIFs That Will Blow Your Mind

A wise man once said life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to watch it in slow motion you’ll miss it – just ask The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube.

1. This is the face you pull after spending hours setting up mousetraps only for this to happen:

2. This demonstrates why your aunt shouted at you when you jumped on the waterbed that time.

3. (She feared the worst.)

4. If everyone stopped running around trying to pop them they'd realise bubbles are tiny rainbows you made yourself:

5. This guy puts his cap on like you wish you could put your cap on.

6. This is exactly what happened to your friend's face when you accidentally lobbed a football at his head 10 years ago:

7. If you test this at home you've definitely ruined your speakers but you've also made paint dance:

8. This is why you're allowed to cry when you get punched in the stomach even a little bit:

9. Unless you're in a desert with a gun you will never be able to test this yourself.

10. This guy drank too much milk and dealt with the consequences so you don't have to.

11. Watch this GIF, and then imagine your own face running for the door to meet the pizza man.

12. We've reversed this GIF otherwise it would look like that mistake you made at your grandma's house.

13. But because it's the internet we can make it go epically wrong again:

14. We can even explode the whole world if we want:

Life is just better slow. Catch The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube, they've got a whole channel, slowed down.

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All images courtesy of The Slow Mo Guys. Subscribe to their channel on YouTube!