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    • yousuck

      i’m pretty sure buzzfeed should leave the junky handy tips to lifehacker. Lifehacker sucks at them but some of these are downright stupid. 4. if you clean your toaster with an abrasive sponge, it’s likely not the cream of tartar working. secondly, that toaster looks like crap, they’ve scratched it all up and ruined the finish. 8. baking soda an lavender aren’t cleaning anything. it’s just making it stink like lavender. 9. you can also keep baseboards clean by vacuuming them when you vacuum the floor. you don’t need to waste fabric softener. 12. no. don’t ever buy that.. don’t every suggest buying that. it’s above all,awaste of resources to create and more importantlyawaste of money to buy. none of them have bright enough lights to actually do anything. 15. Unscrew lightbulbs and wipe them off with anything you can find. it doesn’t need to be microfiber. 17. that’s just stupid. it takes2seconds of scrubbing to cleanatoilet ring. which you wouldn’t have if you were obsessive about cleaning because you’d likely make sure your toilet stays rather clean (likeido and i’m not obsessive) 19. no. just make your house smell really stupidly strongly of vanilla instead of household odors.  20. you lazy assholes, fill the cooker with water and let it soak forafew hours. it’ll be easy to clean. 21. are you retarded? you’re seriously suggesting we rubafood onapainting? well, hope you don’t care about that painting too much. 26. and make your house reek of wd-40 31. doesn’t do anything except make people feel better.

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