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The ABCs Of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been a pop-country phenomenon ever since 2006 with the release of her self-titled album, Taylor Swift. In order to commemorate Swift for her hard work, here is a list of things that relate to the singer-songwriter in ABC order.

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1. A.) Award Show Acceptances


Swift is known for her famous "shocked" expression each time she wins an award...even though she wins just about every award she's been nominated for. (Not that it isn't well deserved!)

2. B.) Break Up Songs


Taylor is known for writing a mean break-up song that just about everybody can relate to. Off of her first 4 albums, including the deluxe edition tracks, Swift has recorded and released a total of 32 break-up songs. Girl can write!

5. E.) Ed Sheeran


The redheaded singer-songwriter was the opening act for Swift's "Red" Tour this year. He's also featured in "Everything Has Changed" in Swift's senior album "Red." The two stars became close friends this past year as well!

8. H.) Haters Gonna Hate


It's no secret that there are people who dislike Taylor Swift. However, she began to embrace the fact that she can't please everyone when she sported a unicorn t-shirt with the words "Haters Gonna Hate" at the 2013 Billboard Awards.

10. J.) Justin Timberlake


Taylor Swift is a huge fan of fellow musician, Justin Timberlake. Swift first met him when Ellen Degeneres surprised her with his appearance when she was promoting her sophomore album, "Fearless." Over the years they have become good pals. Here, Justin Timberlake imitated Swift's iconic "surprised" face at the AMA's this year.

13. M.) Monologue


Swift wrote her own opening monologue/song when she hosted SNL back in 2009. In the song she addresses Kanye West, the VMAs, her break-up with Joe Jonas, and admits that she was in a relationship with Twilight hunk, Taylor Lautner. Say what you will about Taylor, but that takes a lot of guts to do, especially live on national television. Props to her.

There isn't a video available of the monologue, so here are the lyrics instead:

"Monologue Song (La La La)"

I like glitter and sparkly dresses,

But I'm not gonna talk about that

In my monologue

I like baking and things that smell like winter,

But I'm not gonna talk about that

In my monologue

La la la, la la la

I like writing songs about douche bags who cheat on me,

But I'm not gonna say that

In my monologue

I like writing their names into songs so they're ashamed to go in public,

But I'm not gonna say that

In my monologue

La la, la la la la la

This is my musical monologue

You might think I'd bring up Joe,

The guy who broke up with me on the phone,

But I'm not gonna mention him

In my monologue

Hey Joe! I'm doing real well,

Tonight I'm hosting SNL

But I'm not gonna brag about that

In my monologue

La la la, ha ha ha

Ha ha ha, ha ha ha

La la la

And if you're wondering if I might,

Be dating the werewolf from Twilight,

(Hi Taylor!)

I'm not gonna comment on that

In my monologue

La la, la la la la la

This is my musical monologue

You might be expecting me to say

Something bad about Kanye

And how he ran up on the stage

And ruined by VMA monologue.....

But there's nothing more to say

Cause everything's okay

I've got security lining this stage

This is my SNL monologue

La la, la la la la la

This is my SNL monologue

La la, la la la la la

That was my SNL monologue

14. N.) Nashville


At the age of 14, Swift convinced her parents to move to Nashville so she could chase after her dream to be a country super star. Taylor even bought her own pad a few years ago in her beloved city.

15. O.) "Our Song"


"Our Song" was Taylor's third released single off of her first album, "Taylor Swift." This was the song that really began to launch Swift's career. She wrote the song when she was only fourteen! In fact, she first performed the song at her high school's talent show!

22. V.) VMAs


Who couldn't forget the infamous VMA scandal in 2009 when Kanye jumped on stage during her acceptance speech and announced that "Beyonce had one of the greatest videos of all time." The next year Taylor would perform the song, "Innocent," about the incident at the 2010 VMA's. Since then, the two have made amends.

24. X.) eX-boyfriends


Yes, Swift has had her fair share of exes (Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Harry Styles, John Mayer, Connor Kennedy, and Jake Gyllenhaal), but it's resulted in some awesome break-up songs. Listed below are songs rumored to be about her exes.

Jake Gyllenhaal (October 2010-January 2011) / Via

Jake Gyllenhaal must have really left a mark on Taylor, because the album Red is practically all about him:

"State of Grace" Red

"Red" Red

"All too Well" Red

"I Almost Do" Red

"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" Red

"The Last Time" Red

"Sad Beautiful Tragic" Red

Conor Kennedy (July 2012-October 2012) / Via

Conor Kennedy seemed to be only a summer fling, but Taylor certainly wrote a lovely song about him before the end of their relationship:

"Begin Again" Red

She also wrote a song for Conor's grandmother, Ethol:

"Starlight" Red

Harry Styles (November 2012-January 2013) / Via

Apparently before Styles and Swift went public with their relationship in late 2012, the One Directioner and country pop-star, had a fling in the beginning of the year. However, rumor has it that Styles was caught kissing an Australian model, and once Swift got word of it, she ended the secret fling. Taylor wrote a song about him before they got back together:

"I Knew You Were Trouble" Red

One can only imagine the songs Swift will write next…

25. Y.) "You Belong With Me"


Swift's hit single, "You Belong With Me," really launched the singer-songwriter to world-wide fame. Everyone has experienced the feeling of knowing that someone belongs with them. Taylor expresses these thoughts brilliantly in this song.

Most importantly though…


We want to thank you for all of the wonderful songs you've written! Without your music, how would we have gotten through those terrible break-ups that left us in utter despair? So, thank you Taylor Swift, thank you for ability to write songs that we can relate to! Keep on doing what you do! So, give yourself a pat on the back because you're pretty awesome!

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