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The 10 Phases Of A Final Year University Student

Pretty much everyone in their last year of uni passes through some of the same depressing feelings. But there could be a happy ending !

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1. Phase 1: Realisation

Realise you’ve given no thought at all about what you’re gonna do next year.

2. Phase 2: Realisation - again

Realise you didn’t budget at uni and will be broke with no student loans ever coming in again to pay for your shots.

3. Phase 3: The job hunt - Learn Some Hard Truths

Decide to look for a job... but learn that you need experience to get a job, and to have experience you need a job, Lame.

4. Phase 4: Volunteer

Realise there’s no chance you’ll get any decent experience in time for sending in applications - so you begin volunteering for anything to meat up the resume phase

5. Phase 5: Avoidance

Decide it’s all a bit too much effort and stress for someone as young as you. You tell yourself it’ll all be ok and go to bed, or watch Pokemon on Netflix.

6. Phase 6: A rude awakening

A friend posts on Facebook about an amazing job offer they got. Suddenly you remember that drinks do not pay for themselves.

7. Phase 7: Things gets legit

Decide to pull an all nighter and apply to anything and everything.

8. Phase 8: You’re here

You attempted phase 7 for a solid 12 minutes, ended up on Facebook and in the end you’re here reading this.

9. Phase 9: Hope

But don’t worry, there are still some places to get experience for a job before uni ends ! Especially if you’re interested in marketing, advertising or PR ….

10. Phase 10: Apply, Stay Positive, Sleep Happy

At ‘Coding Camels' we love taking on interns just off their creativity, sense of humour and positivity for short-term placements, perfect for some quick CV bulking.

Check us out on our facebook page here, or visit our website on: the only major criteria we have is that you’re creative, have a sense of humour, and willing to take a few risks …. so come prepared with a knock-knock joke at our interview and you’ll be just fine!

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