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What Happens When You Stop Using Facebook For One Week?

As someone who uses Facebook everyday for communicating with friends, family, and getting updated on latest news for politics, fashion, tech, music, sports and etc, the seven days of Facebook deprivation was a challenge to me, but during those sevens days, I found fifteen things about myself and how a life without Facebook affected me.

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1. Improved my Communication Skills - Face to Face

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After one week of my Facebook deprivation was complete - I realized that how I approached people and started talking to an individual that I did not know improved, in other words, my in person interaction skills got better.

2. Improved my Communication Skills Pt.2 - Calling Someone

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Before I started depriving myself of Facebook, my main method of communicating was either through text message or through FaceBook Messenger. Once I started depriving myself, I realized that I could not use FaceBook messenger and instead of messaging a person, I called them.

* For example, I started calling couple of my closest friends and it was better than sending a message through Facebook and throughout the week I started calling my peers and family members that I needed to communicate too and even though I knew I could text that person, calling them made it more personal and I had the chance to express my ideas and thoughts clearly..

* One thing I realized is that my full attention was given to the person that I called because while exchanging messages, I was not fully concentrated between the messages that were being sent, plus I would be doing two or three things at the same time.

3. More Free Time

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There are certain times, when I do not have as much to do and I will often open my laptop to check email and mess around on Facebook, with no particular goal in mind. Sometimes, these internet rabbit holes can last hours, and in the end, I have nothing to show for my time except some newfound knowledge about something I didn’t know I cared about only hours prior.

I written down all the activities I had done that week since I could not use Facebook:

* Running, Hiking, Reading a Listening to Podcasts, Watching Videos on Youtube, Planning my week out, completing any future homework/assignments had face to face conversation with someone new, hiking at Griffith Park, etc.

- People might wonder, how I got to do all those activities with classes and homework, but if anyone sits down and enforces themselves not to use social media platforms like Facebook, then they will realize that an individual may achieve a lot in 24 hours.

4. Forming Connections

Lincoln Memorial University / Via*&imgdii=107QTYnMVPbbOM:&imgrc=dBmJWBpABaXjpM:

Forming connections has pros and cons, when you stop using Facebook for a week.


* After one week of not using Facebook, I realized that meeting new people and talking to them in person forms a stronger connection and each person gets to express who they really are and share/know new things about that person that I might not have know if I used my Facebook to communicate to them.


* I realized that a good amount of connections that I currently have is because I joined a group page on Facebook, whether it is for my classes or my personal interest and I started interacting and commenting in posts in those pages. For example, one of my friends created a study group page in Facebook class for my engineering class so we can help each other and clear any misunderstandings of the topics we covered in class and one day before quiz he posted on the page stating, "anyone down to study tonight at Starbucks?," good amount people showed and that's how I met new people and it was through Facebook. With the seven days of not logging in, I might have missed a opportunity to form a friendship/connection with someone.

5. Less Clutter in my Life

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After depriving myself of Facebook, I felt that before I was facing a pile of spam daily (from app/games/notes/etc notifications) and irrelevant status updates. It certainly felt really good not having to deal with any of that anymore.

It made me realize that how much of my time I was spending every day dealing with those stuff. Even if it seemed little in comparison, not having to deal with them at all definitely helped me to shift my focus to the most important tasks.

6. Focused

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* Accomplishing everything in my to do list for the seven days and completing them faster compared to the weeks before.

(EX. Doing Laundry, Completing an essay or homework days before the due date, finishing my Netflix/HBO show.)

* Working out at the gym is better for me because I was not using Facebook and I can solely concentrate in getting a proper workout

* Having my full attention and being focused in my teacher's lectures while using my computer to type my notes and not constantly checking my Facebook

7. You see who your true friends are

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To be honest, I have a lot of friends on Facebook, coming up to a close fifteen hundred. Taking a step back, I was able to see who I miss, which is a surefire way to tell who you really care about and I was about to tell who my real friends are. Furthermore, even though I could not reply through Facebook, the people who I call my friend used different methods to communicate with me, some of them had a face to face conversations with me, some of them even called me, some of them texted me, and some even visited me.

Interestingly, when I logged back into Facebook, I had unread messages from few people asking about specific class homework/assignments and you know what type of friends those are.

8. F.O.M.O (Fear of Missing Out) - (Not being updated on certain events: social gatherings, parties, important life achievements/events, etc.)

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In Day 5 - During the week of my deprivation of Facebook, my cousin gave birth on Thursday and I knew that it going to happen because I had multiple conversations throughout the years and months before on Facebook messenger and sometimes on the phone. When I logged back onto Facebook after the seven days, she posted photos about that event and that got me to thinking that even though I do not want to see what is happening in everyone's life and I still can use Facebook to see what is happening in my closest friends and family's life because I do not have the time to talk every single person.

In my opinion, I feel that if I even log out of Facebook for a couple of days, I will miss out important information and positive moments in my friends and family life because most of my friends and family members use Facebook and usually post anything important that has happened, whether someone got their degree, job, gave birth, moved to new place, etc.

9. Less Concerned about trivial matters

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After the deprivation ended, I realized that I did not need to know what is happening in all my Facebook friends life because for good amount of my friends in Facebook, I have not had contact with them for years and I did not care and did not go out my way to communicate with them and I realized that Facebook serves as a platform in which they whine, moan, and otherwise express concern at trivial nonsense. - This lead me to un-friending certain individuals because I did not care how their life was.

- I was perfectly fine and went on accomplishing my daily tasks at peace by not having these unimportant information presence in my daily life,

10. Facebook = Less Sleep Time, No Facebook = More Sleep Time

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Before Deprivation of Facebook:

- I recorded what time I went to bed the for the week before my deprivation of Facebook began:

* Sunday Night: Went to bed at 2:05 a.m. (but not sleep until 2:39 a.m)

* Monday Night: Went to bed at 1:35 a.m. (but not sleep until 2:14 a.m)

* Tuesday Night: Went to bed at 2:30 a.m. (but not sleep until 3:39 a.m)

* Wednesday Night: Went to bed at 2:15 a.m. (but not sleep until 3:05 a.m)

* Thursday Night:Went to bed at 2 a.m. (but not sleep until 3:15 a.m)

* Friday Night: Went to bed at 2:49 a.m. (but not sleep until 3:38 a.m)

* Saturday Night: Went to around 3:30 a.m. (but not sleep until 4:21 a.m)

- When I state above, "not sleep until," that is when I close Facebook and sleep

During Deprivation of Facebook:

- I recorded when what I time I went to sleep during deprivation week:

* Sunday Night: Went to bed at 2:14 a.m.

* Monday Night: Went to bed at 1:30 a.m.

* Tuesday Night: Went to bed at 2:08 a.m.

* Wednesday Night: Went to bed at 2:43 a.m.

* Thursday Night: Went to bed at 2 a.m.

* Friday Night: Went to bed at 2:54 a.m.

* Saturday Night: Went to bed at 3:55 a.m.

- During my deprivation week, the first definitely positive thing I noticed was that I slept better, maybe because I got bored of looking at non social media platforms and eventually stopped looking at my phone for an hour before bed. By obtaining the extra minutes or even hours of sleep, which in my opinion makes all the difference because I have three to four back to back classes starting at 8 am.

11. Happy? Mad? Angry? Piss Off? Why are you talking to me?!

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The extra minutes or hours of sleep the night before had a straight correlation to my mood the next day. I became opposite to the person that feels he or she needs to wear a "do not disturb" sign in the picture above. I had the energy, I was calm and had a positive mood throughout my Facebook deprivation week even when there were unfavorable situations.

14. Everything in One Place!

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The phrase, "You don't know what you have until it's gone," is True in my case because I realized that in the 7 days that I deprived myself of Facebook, I did not have a website such as Facebook in which I can login and obtain the latest politic, fashion, sneaker, entertainment, tech, sports, etc., updates in one place, but rather I had to visit different websites like ESPN or HypeBeast to obtain an information whether Lebron James won another game or if there is a new Jordan or Yeezy Shoe coming out that I need to be ready to purchase or what the weather will be for tomorrow or if there is a special deal going on Amazon or Urban Outfitter.

- The picture above is a just few of the many websites that have a Facebook page, which I follow on Facebook to get the daily updates.

15. Why would you abandon this?

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During my deprivation of Facebook, I realized that Facebook can be considered like a wikipedia, it has information on anything, and it's being updated always. The latests new is on right hand side of every user's Facebook homepage and has important information about any topic. As a Facebook user, I was always informed on the latest things and during that week, but during my deprivation week, I missed out on certain information that I found out couple days later.

16. After Sevens Days - Facebook is Important to me and I need it, but.........

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For a lot of people, Facebook is not important, to others it is a way of communicating with another individual that lives across the world, after my seven days of deprivation, I realized that Facebook is important in my daily life, but I do not need to login everyday, I can login few times a day or few times a week. I know that an individual can and will be able to have a successful life. However by having Facebook, certain things will be easier to achieve and do in life.

For example, it is easier for me to get help for a certain class by posting a question/comment on a specific page and getting a reply. In addition, by following certain pages and being certain groups, for example I am in the NBA Discussion group, Yeezy WorldWide group which has fifty thousand to almost one hundred people thousand people and the truth is that I have met many people through that page and became friends, we even met up in person and talked, I am not stating this is the best way to make friends, but I want to point out that this is one of the ways of making friends and throughout the years of using Facebook, I have made countless friends because we had Facebook.

17. Will I ever stop using Facebook?

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In my seven days, I’ve realized I could stop using Facebook if I wanted to, but one of the main overriding reasons I am not going to is because all my friends and family members are on it. Also the way that information and everything else is presented, I do no think I will stop using it because Facebook presents everything in a simple way and if I need to look up something or even see what is happening around the world or in my community I can do that easily. Until there is another social network which all my friends are on, or has some revolutionary way of interacting or obtaining information, I don’t think I’m likely to give it up. Facebook definitely has its uses and although not using it was a challenge, I know that it is not going to have a negative affect my life as the years pass by.

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