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10 Disney Characters That Would Make Terrible Roommates

Yeah, sure, I love watching them in movies, but LIVE WITH THEM? No thanks!

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1. Tinkerbell

She'd never let you forget that you're splitting the rent even, despite the fact that your quarters are so much bigger. And there are so many deep rooted jealousy issues and you'd always get passive-aggressive notes and dust would be everywhere.

3. Pocahontas

She'd always be bringing animals home to take care of them, which would be fun at first but then get old. And you'd never be able to shake the fear of her silently judging you for your eating and cleaning habits.

4. Frollo

Speaking of being judged. This dude wouldn't be so silent about it. He'd have so many strict rules and try to make you devote yourself to his level of moral righteousness. And don't even try to bring anybody home.

6. Ariel

There'd be so much clutter. She'd be walking home on garbage night and grab a bunch discarded Easy Bake Ovens and leave them in the common room and be so proud of them. You'd have to feign interest. Plus, she'd always want you to go out and do stuff all the time.

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