12 Reasons Why “Fun Home” Musical Should Come To Broadway

The Public Theater’s Fun Home may be coming to Broadway Spring 2015. Here are some reasons why it definitely should.

1. Six Feet Under: The Musical

It’s about a dysfunctional family, set in a funeral home, with both gay & female empowerment themes. As close as you’re going to get.

2. It’s based on a graphic novel.

With a sequel too!

3. It’s a coming-of-age musical about a lesbian.

Netflix / Via giphy.com

How many musicals do you know are about lesbians? #exactly


Disney / Via m-magazine.com

Judy Kuhn, the singing voice of Disney’s Pocahontas, plays the Mom.
Go YouTube stalk her. #worthit

5. Partridge Family Choreography

Paramount Pictures / Via ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com

If the Bradys and the Partridge were thrown in a room together and told to boogy? Well, that explosion of 70’s choreography would match what happens in this show.

6. The music is like the Partridge family catalog

ADMIT IT. You still rock out to “I Think I Love You”. It pops up on Pandora for you. #guilty #partyofone

7. Beth Malone, Sydney Lucas, & Alexandra Socha

Scott Roth / FilmMagic

Watching these three actors play the same character at various ages is like watching Meryl Streep: The Prequel.


“Maps show you what is simple and true. I’m laying out a birds eye view. Where did he travel? What did he see? A sweeping atlas of my Dad’s mythology.”


9. They reference “A Chorus Line.”

Sadly, no shout outs for Kelly Bishop.

10. Fun Home vs. South Carolina State Representatives

Disney / Via analplug.tumblr.com

The entire cast flew down to South Carolina to perform the musical amid a dispute over Alison Bechdel’s memoir. #kickass

11. Outstanding Musical Awards Love

NBC / Via giphy.com

Fun Home has already won Best Musical from the Lucille Lortel Awards and the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Awards! What’s next? THE TONYS!

12. It means SOMETHING

This is a beautifully crafted, meaningful, funny, honest story about a young woman discovering who she was, is, and will become while being haunted by the memories of events leading up to her father’s death. A true transformative theatrical experience.

Bring “Fun Home” to Broadway next season!

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