11 Influential LGBT Characters Through 2000

Before there were Mitchell & Cam, there was…

1. The Real World with Pedro (1994)

With reality TV, Pedro showed 1990’s audiences a realistic, real-time look at how gay people are like everyone else. #duh

2. Mad About You’s Debbie & Joan (1996)

A positive, middle class, non-stereotypical, loving lesbian couple. #progressivefor1996

3. MTV’s Undressed (1999)

Each week featured a new storyline and every month included 1 lesbian, gay, or bisexual-specific story.

4. MTV’s Perks of Being a Wallflower (1999)

A then underground novel stamped by MTV publishing, this book’s viral popularity opened the scope of what defined a gay character in fiction.

5. Lifetime TV’s Any Day Now (1999)

THE BEST TV SHOW IN 1999 AND NO ONE KNEW ABOUT IT! Rene’s brother, Elston, was partnered with his biological son, Victor.

6. All My Children’s Bianca Coming Out (2000)

When Bianca came out to Erica Kane? It was like WE ALLLLL came out to Erica Kane. #powerful

7. Showtime’s Common Ground (2000)

An all-star cast including Jason Priestly, Brittany Murphy, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Harvey Fierstein, Eric Stoltz, and Steven Weber.

8. Veronica’s Closet (2000)

When Josh FINALLY came out of the closet and they walked in on him having sex. #risque4NBC

9. Once & Again’s Jessie and Katie (2002)

Did anyone else clap alone in their bedroom? #IDid

10. Bravo TV’s Boy Meets Boy (2003)

Short-lived reality series trying to copy “The Bachelor” format. Lots of eye-candy, but ultimately a snorefest. Very brave of Bravo though.

11. Desperate Housewives (2004)

The casualness of showing Andrew Van de Kamp with his boyfriend.

What character, TV show, or moment in LGBT pop culture influenced you? Comment below!

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